Welcome To Wandsworth Cycling Campaign’s Website

Next Meeting:  ‘WCC On Tour’

Our meetings are held at 8pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month.  The next meetings are:

  • March the 10th:  The Brewers’ Inn, 147 East Hill, London SW18 2QB
    (an old friend which we haven’t visited for a long time)
  • April the 14th, The Prince Albert, 85 Albert Bridge Road. London SW11 4PF, UK

To keep things interesting and to make ourselves as accessible as possible to LCC Members across our borough, WCC is now ‘On Tour’.  We are alternating our venue each month.  If you have a pub you’d like us to visit, join us at our next meeting and let us know!

Wandsworth LCC

This website is the central repository for all cyclists in the Borough of Wandsworth, South West London.  Every LCC member who lives in Wandsworth is automatically a member of Wandsworth Cycling Campaign. If you have information to share with the group, local concerns or simply wish to participate, you can get in touch here!

Why is cycling such a good choice?

  • It helps you keep fit, both mentally and physically.
  • It is low-cost with no congestion charge, petrol or fares to pay.
  • It is usually much quicker than a car or public transport for short distances -a bicycle is ideally suited for trips of under 5 miles.
  • It lets you plan your life because you know exactly how long each journey will take.
  • It gives independence and freedom to travel where and when you choose.
  • It is entirely non-polluting, so you are helping to improve air quality for us all.
  • It reduces road congestion and the need for consuming valuable green spaces.

And not many other Londoners would say that they enjoy their journey to work! If you would like more information about our activities, or anything else on this website, please contact us.

The Big Ride 2014 #space4cycling

Were you there too?  We rode up on the day as a group from West Wandsworth, all the way into Central London and then back for a well earned pint at The Telegraph.

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