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‘WCC On Tour’:

Our meetings are usually held at 7:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month.  Look out for a copy of London Cyclist Magazine.

To keep things interesting and to make ourselves as accessible as possible to LCC Members across our borough (including our Resident Mayor!), WCC is now ‘On Tour’.  We are alternating our venue each month.  If you have a spot you’d like us to visit, join us at our next meeting and let us know!

We tend to choose venues which have somewhere secure to park our bikes and great food!  Naturally, we also like to cycle there and back, so bring a lock and some lights and get involved.

Next Meetings:

•  14th of November:  7:30 pm at The Brewers Inn, 147 East Hill,  SW18 2QB.
•  11th of December:  7:30 pm at The Ship, 41 Jews Row, SW18 1TB.

Join us!

Bicycle Film Festival, 22nd-25th of November:

“Back with exciting line-up of shorts and feature films from around the world along with a host of supporting events and parties, the Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) returns to London 22-25 November. 

As the official charity partner of the festival, LCC is looking forward to a busy long weekend chock-full of cycling related fun and we hope to see many LCC members and supporters in attendance to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and, of course, film.”


More than just a bike ride?

At WCC we are very keen to share the magic of cycling and are in the process putting together some of our preferred routes in and around our borough.  These will be uploaded into the mapping system over at bikely.com, so everyone can download/print/ride them.

Do you have a route you enjoy which you’d like to share?

Best way to share your route is to sign up to our mailing list  and then put the link on there.  We will then add those back into our central account and put direct links on this website.

Here’s the first one, which was an absolute treat on Saturday afternoon!  Try it today?

PS:  the photograph above is of just a few of our fellow riders!


In partnership with the Mayor’s team at City Hall, TfL and strategic partners across London are working together to welcome a new generation of electric bike afficianados.

How?  By offering Londoners across all 32 Boroughs test rides of electric bikes on our doorstep.

Click the link below to find your nearest bike shop and their designated page will show you what is on offer and how to go about securing a demo.


What is an electric bike like to ride?  Most people say it’s just like a regular bike, with the added bonus of faster starts at the lights, a more gentle ride and smoother progress up hills.  We say they increase the potential for whatever you already use your bike for.

What better time to have a go and see if it works for you?

Bike Week 2017:  10th to the 18th of June

To celebrate Bike Week 2017, our friends over at Halfords are offering a free bike check:

“Wind in your hair, a big grin on your face, that feeling of freedom; cycling is like nothing else. But just like other machines, bikes need check-ups every so often. Plenty of people aren’t confident in checking their bike for wear and tear, but that’s where we come in. Our trained bike mechanics can provide you with a free bike check to spot any problems before they develop into bigger ones. We’ll check any bike, whether it’s yours, your nan’s or your child’s; all bikes of any size and discipline are welcome. There’s no need to book – just turn up with your bike.”


Branches are open three locations in Wandsworth:
•  66 Putney High Street, Putney, London, SW15 1SF, 0208 789 3561
•  59 Lombard Road, Wandsworth, Greater London, SW11 3RX, 0207 223 7780
•  Juniper Drive, Quarter House, London, , SW18 1GX, 0208 870 6009

Pop in and have a check up!

First of 12 ‘green bus zones’ in London begin operating in Putney

In a welcomed move for Wandsworth Residents and beyond, Putney is now showing London the way of the future!

Whilst a seemingly endless stream of drivers continue to clog-up our High Street, our buses are now turning to less polluting, quieter and more socially considerate means of propulsion.  We certainly approve.

Thank you Sadiq!


cycle2workday biketubes 2016

Cycle To Work Day 2016 with LCC London BikeTubes

On the 14th of September 2016, we will be starting Ride L from Putney Village and riding together through Wandsworth’s greenest spaces, along the river and through to Parliament!

This will be lead by an Official LCC Ride Leader and be accompanied along the full length of the route.

Our friends over at Londonist are supporting us too, so it looks like it will be a terrific ride!


Wednesday, 14 September 2016.  Meet from 07:30am for an 8:00am start



Start:  The Telegraph, Putney Village, SW15 3TU

  •   1st Meeting Point:  North West Corner of Wandsworth Park, Riverside
  •   2nd Meeting Point:  The Ship, 41 Jews Row, SW18 1TB
  •   3rd Meeting Point:  Inside Battersea Park’s Western Entrance, near to The Prince Albert, 85 Albert Bridge Rd, SW11 4PF
  •   4th Meeting Point:  Peabody Close, Peabody Close, SW1V 4BA

End:  Parliament, under the Boudiccan Rebellion Statue, Victoria Embankment, Boudiccan Rebellion Statue, SW1A 2JH

The linked route is indicated as a walking route, as there are a pair of bridge crossing which we will indeed be walking over!  This ensures that as much of the route as possible is away from pollution and heavy traffic, so you can introduce your little ones to your commute on your cargo bike (or equivalent), too.

Will our Major join us?  Let’s see!






Putney High Street to become new ‘green’ bus zone

As reported on Monday 8 August 2016, Europe’s most polluted high street is to become a ‘green’ bus zone!  We are of course, absolutely delighted to hear this news and extend our gratitude to Sadiq Khan for the timing of this announcement.

With Councillor Jonathan Cook supporting the installation of continuous, safe cycle infrastructure throughout this dangerous section, we look forward to working with them both to ensure that Putney’s High Street becomes healthy and inviting for residents, rather than simply a thoroughfare for the 85% of vehicles which pass through without contributing anything to Wandsworth except pollution and traffic.

Read more at the Evening Standard here.

Source:  Evening Standard


Free weekend of cycling from Santander Cycles!

To celebrate their six year anniversary and a record-breaking month in terms of bikes hired, Santander Cycles are offering free use of their cycles this weekend. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan hopes this promotion will ‘encourage Londoners to make cycling part of their everyday lives’.

For the first time a shareable code will be publicised which, when entered into the Santander Cycles app or docking station terminal, will provide free access to the cycles with all journeys up to 30 minutes completely free.

Using code ‘FREE2016’ Londoners will get unlimited journeys up to 30 minutes free of charge. The code will be valid from 00:00 on Saturday August 13 to 23:59 on Sunday August 14.


Sign(ed) for Cycling!

London’s new Mayor resides right here in Wandsworth!  Sadiq Khan gave his commitment to LCC’s three-point Sign for Cycling agenda. His full statement is as follows:

“I’m proud to support LCC’s Sign for Cycling campaign, and will work towards achieving the campaign’s goals as part of my plans to make London a byword for cycling.

In my Manifesto for all Londoners, I set out my intention to continue the Cycle Superhighway programme, with a focus on segregated provision. I will keep us on course to triple the extent of current provision and I’ll look at what’s working best from the existing schemes and make sure we deliver the best, safest road cycling network possible.

I’ll complete the roll out of the current town-centre cycling improvement plans, and begin a new round of schemes. I am committed to ensuring that every London borough that wishes to do so, and can produce a viable, high quality plan, has a fair opportunity to benefit from a Mini-Holland style scheme.

And I will promote safer, cleaner lorries. I will work with the boroughs and using City Hall procurement to set new safety standards, work to make sure City Hall and TfL contracts specify ‘direct-vision’ lorries, and use planning and other powers available to me, so that the safest lorry types become the norm on London’s streets as soon as possible.

Making cycling a safer, and easier choice for Londoners to take is central to my vision of the greener, more modern, more affordable transport network that London needs. I look forward to working with cyclists, and all road users across London, to deliver it.”

“I don’t let my daughters cycle in London”  Sadiq Khan

Asked by the Evening Standard how safe he believed cycling was in London, Mr Khan said he regarded it as “quite safe” when the number of cyclists was compared with the number of injuries.

But he added: “One injury, one fatality is one too many. Speaking as a parent, I don’t feel confident allowing my daughters to cycle on the roads. That is the key test for me. If I, as a parent, don’t feel safe for my children, then I’m sure many Londoners won’t either.”

We look forward to working in partnership with him to ensure that he fulfils his commitment to LCC’s Sign for Cycling campaign, both here in our borough and throughout our city.

Will our new Mayor allow his daughters to cycle in London by 2020?

A child born in the past 12 months will be ready to begin cycling to school at the end of Sadiq Khan’s first term.  So yes, we certainly hope so!

Many of us with children feel the same way and are equally motivated to ensure that one day, they will cycle to school just as many of us did.  Perhaps he’ll join us?


The Wandsworth Magazine Interviews Sadiq Khan

Q:  Do you plan to implement more cycle highways in London?
A:  “I’m determined to make London a byword for cycling by making it easier and safer.  I am 100 per cent committed to the Cycle Superhighway programme and will concentrate on segregated cycle lanes.  Not only is it a greener way of getting around the city, and it cuts congestion, but it is also healthier too.”

Q:  …do you genuinely believe we shouldn’t expand Heathrow?
A:  “Poor air quality is directly responsible for the deaths of 10,000 Londoners a year. I myself have developed adult-onset asthma because of our poor air quality. The guidance on Heathrow has changed since I supported expansion, and it now makes clear that another runway would be catastrophic for the air quality in parts of London.  That’s why I changed my mind.”

Read the full interview in The Wandsworth Magazine.


Wandsworth in Photographs

Ever wondered what your street looked like before it was turned into a carpark?  Well, there’s a website for that!  Featuring 3,500 images from Wandsworth Local Studies and Archives, this is one collection to treasure:

BBC News:  Tom Edwards visits Putney High Street

With Putney High Street having breached the hourly annual NO2 pollution limit # just 8 days into 2016, the BBC’s Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards and his team visited to see how our community feels about the impact of air pollution on public health.

According to TfL, 85% of traffic on Putney High Street contributes nothing more to the Borough than increased pollution and traffic:  this ‘non-local traffic’ simply passes right through.  Even so, a staggering 15% of local journeys are taken by bicycle with no meaningful infrastructure whatsoever away from intersections.

With transport spokesman Councillor Jonathan Cook already supporting plans for a raised cycle route running the length of Putney High Street (formalising the 145-155cm of available space on both sides of the road, with no adverse effect on vehicular traffic), will this be the catalyst for change?  More about this on the Six O’Clock news via BBC iPlayer!  (08/01/16)

Click here for raw data and further information.

# There must not be more than 18 hours per year when the upper limit for nitrogen dioxide concentration is exceeded.  On the 8th of January 2016 the testing station on Putney High Street recorded its 19th hour during the morning rush hour, according to London Air.

This is approximately the same spot where the sensors are housed today, in around 1895:


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We are delighted to have been featured on the PutneySW15.com website this month!  Our borough’s new cycling strategy is expected to get the go-ahead next week too.

In the words of transport spokesman Councillor Jonathan Cook:
“I’d like to thank everyone who gave their feedback on this strategy, which will hope will encourage people to cycle and so help us achieve our aims of improving people’s health, improving air quality and reducing congestion.

To see our latest inclusion and learn more about how to improve cycling in our borough with 20Mph limits in residential areas and more, the page is here.  Get involved!!!

Wandsworth LCC

This website is the central repository for all cyclists in the Borough of Wandsworth, South West London.  Every LCC member who lives in Wandsworth is automatically a member of Wandsworth Cycling Campaign. If you have information to share with the group, local concerns or simply wish to participate, you can get in touch here!

Why is cycling such a good choice?

  • It helps you keep fit, both mentally and physically.
  • It is low-cost with no congestion charge, petrol or fares to pay.
  • It is usually much quicker than a car or public transport for short distances -a bicycle is ideally suited for trips of under 5 miles.
  • It lets you plan your life because you know exactly how long each journey will take.
  • It gives independence and freedom to travel where and when you choose.
  • It is entirely non-polluting, so you are helping to improve air quality for us all.
  • It reduces road congestion and the need for consuming valuable green spaces.

And not many other Londoners would say that they enjoy their journey to work! If you would like more information about our activities, or anything else on this website, please contact us.

Consultation on Wandsworth’s air quality action plan

The latest information following the Draft Proposals circulated in June 2015 are here.

The Big Ride 2014 #space4cycling

Were you there too?  We rode up on the day as a group from West Wandsworth, all the way into Central London and then back for a well earned pint at The Telegraph.

Subscribe to our  for up to date information about our Borough and more!

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