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Wandsworth Cycling Campaign has its own email group. On average there are 2 or 3 emails a day about local campaigns, cycle rides, etc. To join, simply send an email to the following address: (no subject or message required)

You will first receive an email from Yahoo asking you to confirm that you do indeed wish to become a member of this e-group: simply click the Reply button. You will then receive an email from the Wandcyclists Moderator welcoming you to the e-group. That email will also tell you how to send messages and how to unsubscribe.

E-Group Pages

If you have a yahoo account, or if you set one up, you can also access the e-group pages. Here you can access the archive of past messages and find out who else is in the e-group, as well as post messages. Follow this link and enter your yahoo account details, or sign up as a new user:

You can also change your account options – you have the choice of receiving individual emails, a daily digest, only special notices (note – there are never any of these!) or no emails. The no emails option will still allow you to view the emails on the site.

Considerate Use

The e-group has over 100 members. Before sending, and especially before replying, please think about the following:

  1. Is my email really for the whole group? If it’s just for certain individuals, send it just to them. Instead of using "reply", use the "forward" option, or change the "to" line.
  2. Does the subject line reflect what my email is about? Those who are scanning for particular topics will pay a lot of attention to this. The subject should be short, while being as informative as possible. Please don’t reply to an email and change the topic without changing the subject line.
  3. Is my email courteous? The e-group’s main purpose is to share information about campaigning. Other readers do not appreciate ranting or threats to individuals. Also remember that the emails can be read by any member of the public, including the person who is threatened. Please moderate your language or do not post to the list. See also Member Conduct at
  4. Is there extra stuff which is not required? If you are replying, you should delete all or most of the message you are replying to. The subject line tells us it is on the same topic. Several members receive a daily digest of the emails. This is one long email made up of all the others. So they might have W’s email; followed by W’s email and X’s reply; followed by W’s email, X’s reply, and Y’s extra comments; followed by W’s email, X’s reply, Y’s extra comments and Z’s summary. You can see how tedious this is to read through, so please "trim" your postings.
  5. Attachments are not accepted. If it is a text document, paste the text into your email instead. Otherwise invite people to email you requesting the attachment.


If you would like any help with your subscription, please

contact us using our on-line form.


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