London Cycling Campaign (LCC), our parent organisation, who campaign on behalf
of cyclists throughout our capital –

Local Groups in Other Boroughs

Other boroughs:

Route Maintenance

Transport for London, who are responsible for red routes and traffic lights
in the borough –

Wandsworth Council, who are responsible for other roads and cycle paths in
the borough –

Cycle Networks

LCN+ (London Cycle Network Plus), a network of radial and orbital routes covering the whole of London –

Sustrans, who have developed the National Cycle Network, providing cycle paths
all over the UK –

Annual Cycling Celebrations

National Bike Week in mid June –

European Car Free Day on 22 September –

Event Listings

LCC event listings –

LCC on-line event submission –

National Cycling Strategy event listings (events can be added on-line) –

Transport for London’s listings –

Wandsworth What’s On (events can be submitted on-line) –

Other Links

Bike for All provides links to a whole range of sites about cycling –

Cycling Plus has discussion forums on a whole range of cycling topics including campaigning and commuting –

Batteresea Society – aims to encourage good architecture, town planning and civic design –


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