Bike Week

Bike Week 2013: Tibbet’s Ride, 23rd June at 12pm from The Telegraph Pub (SW15 3TU)

To celebrate Bike Week 2013, this year’s ride starts at The Telegraph Pub Putney, passing through Wimbledon Common and then around Richmond Park. There are routes for riders of all skill levels, with three alternative options to choose from. If you aren’t sure which distance to tackle, you can turn back at one of three points for either 2, 5 or 14 miles.

Entry is free and we recommend a hybrid or mountain bike for this one, as there are quite a few sections with gravel which isn’t suitable for road bikes. All ages are welcome, however anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. If you’d like to encourage a friend to get on a bike then this is a great day out with almost the entire route on official cycle trails through the trees. There is a brief road section at the start, although it’s barely 200m and it’s not a busy road.

For more information visit the main Bike Week website over at, or the host’s website at

There will be an extensive toolkit and a floor-pump on the day so if you need to give your bike a once-over you may do so free of charge.

The see the full route or download it to your GPS, visit Bikely.Com.

Any questions? Contact Putney Village Cycling Club, details are on their website.

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