Meet Us

Active Members

Bryony Evens fields our emails and organised our Bike Week events for 2005. A past Wandsworth resident, she lives in Barnes these days. She still works in Wandsworth, for a publishers in Putney. Her claim to fame is discovering Harry Potter, and she never goes anywhere without a book – well you never know when you’ll get a puncture and have to get the bus home! Press Coverage

Carol Browne joined WCC shortly after retiring from work. As part of her enthusiasm for cycling, she helps with running our weekend social rides and maintaining the website calendar. Her professional background includes 30 years as a nurse and manager in the NHS. She has done voluntary work at the Refugee Council, at the Chelsea Physic Garden and currently with Thrive, a horticultural therapy project in Battersea Park. She spends many hours in art galleries and has a long-term interest in contemporary dance.

Chris Elliott edits our newsletter, Cognescenti, and enjoys the regular meetings (in the pub). He says he’s a lazy cyclist – he cycles because he doesn’t like walking. After more than 15 years as a South Londoner, he still reckons cycling is the quickest way to travel inside zone 3.

Clare Riddiford keeps the web Calendar and News Sections up-to-date and leads a few of the weekend social rides. She moved back South of the River in 2004 and enjoys a daily cycle commute from Streatham to Kings Cross, where she manages Customer Information for a Cereals Authority. Being easily bored, other interests include singing soprana with Streatham Choral Society,long-distance running and digging up the garden.

Gail Treves-Brown manages our website and e-group, and is also our treasurer. She has lived in Battersea since she came to London in 1996. She works part-time teaching English to refugees and asylum seekers and is studying part-time for an MA. Before going back to studying, she managed the support desk in a small software company. In her free time, she enjoys going to the theatre, art galleries and walking.

Irena Hoare plays a supporting role in WCC, enjoying short bursts of involvement. These include writing emails in support of various campaigns and helping out on stalls at summer fairs. She works as a sub-editor for the BBC, has raised two children (now long grown up) in Wandsworth, and relishes her daily cycle commute through leafy back streets of London.

Martin Ireland is our Rides Co-ordinator. He works as a cycle trainer at Westminster Road Safety Unit and also has several roles involving the arts. These include working as a supporting actor for film and TV, a painting demonstrator and consultant to arts societies and an art teacher at adult education institutes. When he’s not in demand for other things,
he spends his time at his studio in Battersea.

Mike Grahn co-ordinates our input into the development of LCN+ and helps with Council liaison. He’s lived in Wandsworth for over 20 years and cycles as his main form of transport (although the bus is becoming increasingly tempting). He works in Whitechapel doing research and enjoys reading and narrowboating.

Shivaji Shiva moved south of the river and joined WCC early in 2005. He writes contributions to our website and is an active campaigner. He enjoys a daily cycle commute from Balham to Putney, where he works as a charity lawyer. He is a CTC Council member and also a trustee of a dance charity. When possible he escapes to explore Dartmoor on foot.

Simon Merrett chairs our monthly meetings, and is the Borough Co-ordinator for Wandsworth. He is a freelance IT consultant helping people to make the most of that very useful modern tool, the computer. He doesn’t cycle as much as he’d like to, but is supportive of the most efficient machine ever invented, and the benefits it can bring to the environment and society.

Steven Bridge responds to the Traffic Management Orders which will have an effect on cyclists. These are parking and road changes which Wandsworth Council are proposing. He has lived in Balham for over 20 years. He cycles into central London most days – he works at University College London helping to look after the IT infrastructure. Other interests include cinema, photography and reading.

Susie Morrow is our Campaigns Co-ordinator, helps with Council liaison and is involved with LEAP. She is also Chair of the LCC Cycle Parking and Carriage Working Group. She works in higher education management and enjoys gardening and her allotment, narrowboating and cat-minding.

Old Faces

Jeremy Taylor was the leading light of WCC for more years than we know. Finally in May 2001 he retired to the Peak District, leaving us open-mouthed at the long list of tasks which needed to be re-distributed.

Darrell Barnes worked hard alongside Jeremy and took over a number of his responsibilities when Jeremy moved out of London. Eventually he too decided that it was time to let others take over. He was also treasurer of LCC and worked as a volunteer at the central LCC office.

Nigel Sadler was both our treasurer and editor of Cognescenti, until he moved out of London in spring 2005. He still aims to turn us green with photos of the country lanes along which he cycles to the station.


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