Take Action

Here are ideas for what you can do to campaign on behalf of cyclists and cycling in Wandsworth, depending on your area of concern.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions for additions or amendments to this page.

Town Centres

Contact the Town Centre Manager with anything you want to say which will aid
the development of the town centre. There are currently town centre managers for the following areas:

  • Balham
  • Battersea
  • Clapham Junction
  • Putney
  • Tooting
  • Wandsworth

Get the details of how to contact the managers from – http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/Home/CommunityServices/Businesssupport/Towncentres.

Civic Amenities

Many local areas have a civic amenities or residents’ group which is concerned with community matters. Join them to find out what is going on in your area and to represent cyclists’ interests. Where no website is given, ask for contact details in your local library.

School Travel

Jane Greatholder, who works at Wandsworth Council,
is the School Travel Plans Co-ordinator. She would be very pleased to hear
from anyone who is interested in promoting cycling among children, particularly any members of school

Train Services

Most train services in the borough are currently run by South West Trains (SWT) and Southern. Smaller stations are managed by the train operator which uses them and Clapham Junction is managed by SWT. If you are concerned about carriage of bikes on trains, or facilities at stations, contact them to tell them your views. Contact details for the train operators are available on their websites at:

You can also contact the relevant Rail Passengers Committee. They are a body created by Parliament to protect rail users’ interests – http://www.railpassengers.org.uk.

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) has a Cycle Parking and Carriage Working Group. One of the WCC members is chair of this group and will pass on information about your experiences of bikes and trains. Contact us.


The bus companies are very concerned to maintain good customer relations. If you experience problems, contact the London Buses customer services department.

Health Benefits

The Local Exercise Action Pilot (LEAP) is a health promotion project being piloted by Wandsworth
Primary Care Trust. It aims to encourage people to take up more physical activity to improve
their health. Read more about the project.

Wandsworth Cycling Campaign is a project partner and has money available to promote cycling for
Contact us if you have ideas or want to know how you can get involved.

Parks & Commons

Join the friends or management committee for your local park or common and be a voice for cyclists. Where no website is given, ask for contact details in your local library.

Contact the parks department at the Council to tell them your views.

Our members are on Tooting Common MAC and Wandsworth Common MAC. You can contact them with your suggestions via our email group.

See our page on Tooting Common for more about the proposed cycle tracks across Tooting and Wandsworth Commons and what you can do.

Find out what the council are saying about motor traffic in Richmond Park – http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/richmondpark.

Wandle Trail & Thames Path

Sustrans and Groundwork Merton are working on the development of the Wandle Trail as a leisure and commuter route. Contact them to see how you can be involved.

Sarah Parry-Jones, the London Area Manager of Sustrans, would be glad to hear from anyone who is
interested in being a Sustrans "Ranger" for part of the Wandle Trail. Contact her

via http://www.sustrans.org.uk.

You can also join the Wandle waterways discussion group, an email discussion forum for anyone who is interested in the River Wandle – http://www.topica.com/lists/Wendles.

Sustrans are also working on the development of the Thames Path as a leisure and commuter route. Contact them to see how you can be involved – http://www.sustrans.org.uk

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Please contact us if you have any suggestions for additions or amendments to this page.

Policies on Cycling

Elected politicians make the policy decisions about what can and can’t be done and set the spending priorities. Let them know how important cycling is.

For local issues, the most important people to lobby are your borough councillors. As well as the usual contact methods, the councillors hold weekly surgeries where you can meet them in person.

Other politicians to lobby are your Greater London Authority member and your MP. London Cycling Campaign produced the LCC 2004 manifesto for GLA candidates (8 KB, pdf format). This will help to keep the GLA members focused on what they have promised to deliver.

Publicity & Promoting Cycling

There are lots of things which can be done locally to promote cycling:

  • help run a stall – we run a stall at some local community events and are always glad of volunteers to help
  • contact the Council to encourage them to organise events, for example during National Bike Week and for Car Free Day
  • put up a poster and /or be a local contact in your place of work or study: choose and download poster
  • contact us with your ideas of what you’d like to do

Positive publicity in the local press is also a good way to make the case for cycling:

Road Safety & Law Enforcement

People to lobby concerning road safety and traffic law include:

Lobby the local councillors to move crime and anti-social behaviour by drivers up the priority list in the local crime and disorder strategy.

Get involved with London Cycling Campaign (LCC)’s Policing and Enforcement Group – http://www.lcc.org.uk/index.asp?PageID=548.

Construction & Highway Planning

Monitor local planning proposals to ensure that cyclists are taken into account. There should be cycle parking for both residents and visitors. For some developments, cycle paths will also be appropriate. Contact the Council if things are not as they should be.

The Council consult us during the planning stage of new facilities for cyclists. They also send us paper copies of Traffic Management Orders (TMOs). These are formal proposals for altering traffic arrangements in a locality. New plans which are received are usually reported on our email group or discussed at our monthly meetings. Please feed your comments to us and /or directly to the Council.

Roads, Cycle Paths & Street Furniture

Transport for London
(TfL) Street Management about matters relating to the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), which roughly corresponds to red
routes, and for all traffic lights in the borough. Contact
Wandsworth Council for matters relating to other cycle paths and roads. Check to see which roads are included in the TLRN.

Individuals who report problems really do make a difference. Some ideas:

  • put the contact numbers on your mobile and then report things on the spot
  • carry a camera and send them a photo of the problem
  • ask for and keep a record of the log number for your problem report

Check the list of improvements which we have requested. (Note: This is a large page! Be patient if you have a dial-up line.) Keep badgering the Councillors and officers about these things. If you have suggestions for new facilities or concerns about the design of other existing facilities, contact the Council officers and also let us know.

Also contact the Council officers about other problems with an existing facility, eg illegally parked cars or broken glass. The more comments and complaints the Council receive, the more likely they are to sort these things out.


We need as many local cyclists as possible to give input to the CRISP and CRIM process.

Write to the Councillors to let them know how important LCN+ is for Wandsworth. Their commitment to spending the money and following the project through is essential to the development of the network. Get more information from http://www.londoncyclenetwork.org.

Bike Theft

Always report bike theft, if only because it helps to make the statistics a more accurate reflection of reality.

Lobby the relevant police authorites to bring cycle crime up the agenda:

Pass Information On

We are largely dependent on information which cyclists "on the ground" tell us. Please contact us to pass on any information which you have about the following or other relevant matters:

  • local community events where we could run a stall
  • design problems with existing cycle facilities
  • suggestions for new cycle facilities
  • road works, changes to cycle facilities, etc
  • planned changes to the road network where cyclists need to be considered
  • your campaigning successes (and failures)
  • information which is missing from this website

Join our Email Group

If you would like to hear about or discuss the latest news on local campaigning,
join our email group.

Join LCC

Our parent organisation, the London Cycling Campaign, is dedicated to serving the needs of cyclists all over London.

Come to our Monthly Meeting

If you’d like to join in, or just to find out more about us, come along to our monthly meeting.
Anyone with an interest in working for cyclists or raising local cycling issues is welcome. See our calendar for details.


We’re always glad to hear from anyone who would like to work with us. We make a point of not pushing people to do more than they feel able to – if no-one volunteers for a task, it just doesn’t get done. All kinds of different skills are needed and any level of involvement is welcome. Contact us.

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