What We Do

Our Objectives

Our campaigning objectives for the borough of Wandsworth include:

A better environment for utility cycling (cycling as a means of transport)

  • improved infrastructure
    • infrastructure which prioritises cyclists, eg bus /cycle lanes, advanced stop lines
    • cycle-friendly design in all new road schemes
    • cycle facilities which are well-designed, well-implemented and of real benefit to cyclists
    • more cycle parking in well-lit, well-used, convenient locations
    • improved cycle-commuter routes
    • safe routes to schools
  • improved conditions
    • driver awareness and consideration of cyclists
    • positive attitudes to cyclists and cycling
    • a reduction in motorised traffic speeds
    • enforcement of highway law
    • a good response to collisions involving cyclists

More cycle miles – more cyclists and more journeys by bike

  • promotion of cycling as a sensible, practical transport choice
  • high-quality, on-road cycle training
  • support for people returning to cycling
  • highway infrastructure and conditions which encourage cycling
  • increased awareness of the many benefits of cycling
  • increased awareness of how enjoyable cycling is

Responsible, courteous cycling with proper consideration for pedestrians and other road users

Our Activities

Our campaigning activities include:

  • lobbying the authorities to fulfil their responsibilities to cyclists
  • meetings with local councillors, local MPs, council officers, TfL officers, etc
  • giving detailed input to the consultations on the implementation of London Cycle Network-plus (LCN+) in the borough
  • commenting on Traffic Management Orders (proposed changes to traffic movements) in the borough
  • supporting individuals who are campaigning on specific issues by providing information and using our influence
  • liaising with other groups, such as Sustrans and Living Streets, and with neighbouring LCC groups, on shared objectives
  • participating in community projects which encourage cycling, eg the LEAP health promotion project
  • promoting cycling, eg by organising events during National Bike Week, and by running stalls at local community events and fairs
  • taking part in London-wide and national campaigns which complement our aims
  • providing information to the general public about cycling in Wandsworth

We believe that cycling isn’t only about campaigning. It’s also about having fun, so we have social rides and run occasional competitions.

Our Achievements

We have produced influential reports on Clapham Junction town centre and the Wandle Trail at Earlsfield. In 2005 we produced a comprehensive response to Wandsworth Council’s Draft 5-year Transport Plan 2005-2012.

The House of Commons Transport Committee’s report on Traffic Law and its Enforcement cited evidence from our submission.

Through our campaigning, we have helped bring about:

  • cycle routes across Tooting and Wandsworth Commons
  • replacement of the speed humps in Battersea Park with cycle-friendly ones
  • cycle parking at locations across the borough such as Northcote Road and outside the job centre in Falcon Road
  • the shared-use cycle path through Wandsworth Park
  • removal of the dangerous cycle lane in Burntwood Lane
  • removal of the Magdalen Road chicanes
  • improved (still not perfect … we need more volunteers to monitor this!) clearance of abandoned cycles from cycle stands and railings
  • the cycle ‘plug’ in Burr Road which maximises permeability of this area for cyclists
  • a dropped kerb on the cycle route through the Wendlesworth Estate
  • re-surfacing of the cycle path and removal of cycle-unfriendly paving in King George’s Park
  • a change in local police policy regarding collisions involving cyclists
  • a full repair of the malfunctioning toucan crossing at Kimber Road

Monthly Meetings

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings start at 7.00pm and usually last between 1 and 2 hours. From September to June our meeting is at the Friends Meeting House at 59 Wandsworth High Street, SW18 2PT, followed by a social gathering up the road in The Brewers Inn.
In July and August we meet at the County Arms at 345 Trinity Road, Wandsworth, SW18 3SH.

Anyone with an interest in working for cyclists or raising local cycling issues is welcome.

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